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I think it would be a great product for the salon! It’s cleared my face. I had a little blemish from acne and I swear it took care of it in one day of using it.
— Ben C. (MA)

Diagnosed by a licensed physician with the skin disease Eczema and prescribed multiple medical ointments that never cured or subsided the flaky, dry skin. One week into using your topical salve on my Eczema two times a day the results speak for itself. Skin is rejuvenated and the flakes haven’t come back!
— Tom S. (MA)

I love your guys stuff! I use the oils twice a day for my back and shoulder pain and it really helps. I also use the tincture drops every morning with my coffee.
— Tim M. (MA)

Your stuff is dope! It really helps me with my back and nerve pain.
— Tim B. (MA)

I have extreme arthritis back pain and need a hip replacement. After just one application of the topical cream on my hip, I was able to lift my leg higher than I have been able to in years. My wife is a nurse and was very surprised. Good stuff.
— Anonymous

We went skiing last weekend with a bunch of our friends. One of our buddies broke his leg. We were able to give him some of your tincture which helped him out. Just wanted to say thank you. It came in clutch and is a much better alternative than prescription pain killers.
— Grant R. (MA)

Great for my lower back pain, use it everyday.
— Anonymous

Started to melt down a bit ago, took some tincture at work, and I feel better. I’ll take more in a bit.
— Robin M. (RI)
Its been 3 years and I still think about your CBD critical mass strain. As I write this, I am smoking on your hemp pre-roll and tears of joy are falling from my eye sockets. Thank you again, and I am using the topical cream on my ankle because I’m sure its not supposed to click when I walk.
— Derti (NY)

The both of us have been using it, Nick has been using it for his headaches, and I have been using it for my sciatic nerve on my back and its been working! Obviously not as much as if I were to have a muscle relaxer, but I did use it for a few days straight before work and felt good! Also tried using it to get a huge knot out of my shoulder with a massage and it helped tremendously.
— Lindsay (MA)
She said she isn’t in pain, except her toes, so she rubs it into her toes. She’s used it on dads back when he was in pain, and he slept through the night. (and he was the one against it in the first place). So now he isn’t against it. And he agrees with me that it might help with inflammation causing the shaking and off-balance.
— Courtney (MA)

Excellent product guys!
— Matt L. (MA)
I hope i will get a family pass to the store when it opens so i don’t have to wait in line ! I had a sore knee yesterday, i did something to it last weekend and was icing it, but yesterday it hurt like hell when i stood up. So last night i used the slave instead of ice and woke up with no pain ! stuff is good !
— Sue B. (MA)
Started using the dry skin salve on my dogs nose, its already 100% better
— Kim G. (MA)
Screenshot from our Instagram account @BayGrown_Farms

Screenshot from our Instagram account @BayGrown_Farms

Name: Brittany Silveira

Which of the following products did you use?: Tincture Oil

Message: I use to buy CBD from another company but couldn't get it consistently because of cost, and it would take 6 weeks for me to feel any results. I started using Bay Grown Farms a month ago I noticed a difference in my anxiety the same day. I take CBD for anxiety, PTSD depression and hashimotos disease. Since starting with Bay Grown Farms my anxiety and depression are in check. I haven't had any PTSD issues.and my TSH levels for my thyroid have improved alot. Bay Grown Farms you have improved my quality of life with your amazing product and you have made it so I can afford it every month thank you.